Wieso eig love...
bin bisher ned in festen Händen, kann nur ne Kette von Exfreunden aufzählen... (und nein ich habe ned "Schlampe" auf der Stirn eintätowiert-.-)


Naja aber Anfang des Jahres war ich es noch... und dabei ist folgendes entstanden:yaya etwas depri ich weiiiiiiiiiiiiiß *seufz*

Copyright ist bei mir...
wehe ich finde es woanders...

Things I Hate

I hate breakfast early in the morning- without you
I hate lunch in the midday- without you
I hate dinner in the evening- without you
I hate the telephone- ‘cause you don’t ring me anymore
I hate my door- ‘cause you aren’t the one who visits me
I hate the street- without the steps of you
I hate me- ‘cause I cry for you
I hate my friends- ‘cause they told me, that I have to forget you
I hate you
Yes really hate you
You broke my heart
You broke my dreams
You destroyed me with words
I don’t understand why
You told me
You would love me
And you went away
Away in the war
I never hear something about you again
I wait
I will ever wait
I will wait,
That you come back
I will wait
For you will say
That you love me
But I hate you


An address in a helmet
A body check while playing volleyball
Some contacts of your eyes while lying on the earth
A smile upon your face
The hairs blowing in the wind
The first kiss while looking for DVD’s
Kisses while sitting in the cinema
Kisses while waiting for the bus bringing me home
All these things
Broke my heart in two
Destroyed my life
Destroyed me
But not forever
I know
It’s wrong to love s.o. forever
Some words- while talking
Some words- while chatting
Broke my heart in two
I can’t answer why
I only know
It is so


You see the wounds
You see the scars
You see the tears
You see the pain
But the important thing you don’t want to see
It’s me
My wounds
My scars
My tears
My pain